Selecting Your Pictures


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Selecting the Photos you would like us to finish is easy. Just follow the steps below:


Go to the Client Access page. Type in your pass code. Your album will be displayed. If you follow this step, you may skip to Step 5 below.


1. Type your name in the search bar


Your album will be displayed


3. Click on your album

A password will be requested.


4. Type in your password. 

Your password is your last name and the date of the photography session. All lower case and all together. No spaces or slashes. A sample is below:




Your album will open.


5. There is a login at the bottom of the page in the middle. You must create an account in order to make selections and store your favorites. Click on "login". A login window will appear. Simply type in your name, e-mail, and choose a password.  This will create an account. Your favorites can then be stored in your account.


6. Click on a picture or click on the "select photos" button

With "Select Photos" you will see a whole page of your photos at one time. You can click on several and add them to your favorites. If you double-click on a picture it will open larger. When the pictures are opened larger and you scroll over them a menu bar  will appear at the top left side of the picture. Scroll over the menu bar. There is an option there to add the picture to your favorites folder. Select the pictures you wish for us to do finish editing on.
Select five more than the size of package you ordered. This will allow us some variation if needed. 


6. At any time, you can click on the "My Selection" folder at the top left of the page. Your selections folder will open. If you click on "My Selections" again, you can use the "save as" option to save your selection folder under a different name in case you wish to create more than one favorites folder.


Read Step 7 before continuing.


7. Important: In the "My Selections" folder you must click on the "Store" button on the right side of the page. This will store your selections in your account. If you do not do this, your favorites folder will eventually expire, possibly even as soon as you log off the internet, depending on your computer settings.


8. When you are finished selecting your pictures, click on the "My Selection" folder at the top left of the page. This will open the folder with your selections. You can delete individual pictures from your selections in this folder if you need to. Once you are sure of your selections, click on the "Send To" button at the top left of your favorites page. A window will appear. Fill in the information and add any notes you wish to relay to us and click "send". Remember: If you have not logged in as an account and clicked on the "Store" button, your favorites folder will expire as soon as you log off the internet.

We will receive a notification that you have made your selections.



If you have any difficulties with the selection process, just give us a call or e-mail us through our contact page.

Kevin - 515-729-7396

Karen - 515-729-7382