The Picture
 My child turned, smiled, it seems, just the other day
A moment in time, captured in memory
It tries to fade away.
I hold the thought close to heart
and treasure it like gold
A little jewel in my mind
as they and I grow old
The years slip by, day by day 
And many fade away
Those images, they elude me now
Not clear as on that day
But I have a secret place I go
A place not in my mind
A place where buried treasure
I can always find.
I struggle with the hasp
and lift the lid to see
 That not all my memories,
have escaped my weary mind
 For somebody, someone
Had captured them in time
Spread out before my joyous heart
Are photos without end
My children, My Parents
My loved ones, my family, my friends
I gaze upon unfolding story
My life and all it held
A story that not a thousand words
One picture can tell
I feel the tears against my cheek
as they roll from heart, from eye
One photo brings a smile,
another brings a sigh
These timeless treasures stir,
emotions beyond compare
When I turn these pages of life
each and every year
What if these beautiful memories,
were never trapped in time?
What if the only place I kept them
was here in my own mind?
 I'd have lost so many treasures,
lost so many years
Lost so many images
Never again to find
I push the lid back down
and close the clasp with care
I treat these buried treasures
As gifts for us to share
So I'm thankful for these treasures
and the memories that they make 
I'm thankful for these photos,
that somebody
thought to take

                                                                                                                               By Kevin P. Smith Copyright 2010